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Barrisol, the French ceiling and wall system is as flexible as your imagination.

Barrisol is the ideal feature ceiling solution for any private, commercial or public space; providing a perfectly finished lightweight system not available with any other material.

The unique characteristics of the system offer unlimited design possibilities with over 230 colours & 18 finishes.

Ceiling and wall installations can be inclined, curved or vaulted, making the Barrisol system a design tool to create spaces of relaxed ambiance to inspiring spectacle. The Barrisol Lumiere® range provides perfect diffusion of light and the Acoustic® range an asthetically pleasing acoustic solution – providing function without compromising form.

Barrisol prides itself on continuous technical development and improvement; further enabling the design concepts of today become the reality of tomorrow.

Barrisol is proud to be a sponsor of the installation category, supporting the talented interior designers and architects of Australia who constantly amaze with design innovation.

Installed worldwide for 40 years in over 100 countries, Barrisol has a dedicated Australia-wide network to realize your designs anywhere in Australia.

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